Wedding Party

Bride's Maids

Rachel Wu - Maid of Honor

When Christopher and I started dating it became more clear how lucky we both were to have Rachel in our life. It all began with our shared affection of Borat quotes... and now I couldn't imagine anyone else standing with me on our big day! Her kindness and generosity in our friendship and our lives is constant. There is so much joy and laughter when she is around and she is a true friend, fantastic mom, and master juggler of life.

Alexandra "Sandra" Cisneros - Bridesmaid

Sandra is my closest cousin. In our earliest years we would pull on each other's hair until there were tears...but a lot has happened since then! We were baptized in Spain together and traveled there again in our teen years, re-forging a bond that we are both so lucky to have. Through life and family, love and loss - we have laughed, cried and had a hell of a lot of fun together! She will be traveling from Wisconsin for the big day and I am so thankful to have her by my side!

Laura Jackson - Bridesmaid

Laura is my sister Karen's daughter. I have watched her grow from a baby to be the beautiful adult she is today. We have both dealt with each other's awkward teen years, goofy ex-boyfriends and brothers, and all those family Thanksgivings! I am so happy we're able to connect and be close to one another in Los Angeles during her college years. Laura has a bubbly and free-spirit. So much love and fun follows my niece, wherever she goes, and we're taking that to the wedding!


Rachel Clark - Bridesmaid

My darling, Rachel. My sister Susie's daughter, my niece and my dear friend. From her spunky childhood years to her current and ever-developing teenage years, Rachel is always "keeping it real" and down for an adventure, I wouldn't want it any other way. Having this young lady at my side makes me proud and thankful to have been so close over her young years. She sees and appreciates the beautiful and rare moments in life - It is so special to share this adventure with her.


Groom's Men

David Brown - Best Man

Dave, my brother, will be by my side to assist me while giving me non stop quick hitting verbal quips every step of the way. He's been hitched for a few years now, so I'm sure he will facetiously tell me the 'perfect' things to do in any sticky situations that arise on the marital train. Dave is always good for some side splitting one liners. A man of few words, this will be a fun little duty for him -- no pressure bro. I'm hoping he doesn't make me laugh too much during the serious moments of the ceremony. Even if he does, there isn't anyone else I could envision being my best man, I am happy he accepted my humble request.

Chris Carpenter - Groomsman

Chris is the member of the groom's party I have known the longest - other than Dave of course. Chris and his wife Melanie raise 3 children and run their small business together. Sooner or later you can always find Chris stirring up the pot and trying to make things more lively and interesting. Look for the guy who looks like a basketball player and sounds like Vince Vaughan. Chris's self start business and full family (including 2 dogs) has made him an example of the original american dream.

Clint Link - Groomsman

Clint, brother to Chris Carpenter, is also a lively and colorful character. If he's not tearing up the karaoke machine singing "Thong Song" or on the dance floor, then hes on the grill cooking up some tasty grub (including the necessary 2-3 carbohydrate options). But don't worry, he'll be the FIRST to let you know how good it is the moment he bites into it!  Clint has a great family. Together with Rachel Wu (the maid of honor) they successfully channel the energy to raise 3 happy healthy boys. Clint loves to laugh, spend family time on the patio cooking for everyone, and has a great knack at finding the funniest gems on the web.

Yohaan Nanji - Groomsman

When Yohaan isn't hard at work sketching ideas for the newest Lexus or Toyota vehicle, he's enjoying his favorite hobby (sleep) or eating some delicious food (usually with a huge Dr Pepper). Yohaan has grown to be such a close friend that his mom, who lives in Mumbai, has told Tracy and myself (a few times) that we are essentially his american parents... so we have to make sure to keep an eye out that hes eating, doing well, and generally enjoying life or she will come find us! Yohaan loves to just hang out and talk as long as there is a good meal and music in the plans. Yohaan is infectiously happy about life and his work which always makes for a great time.

Sam Kim - Groomsman

Sam, a veteran of the film industry, is one of Tracy's and my favorite people to go to just about any activity with. For some reason, we always schedule something with food when Sam is in the mix. Sam has also taken up cooking as a hobby, but somehow he's never cooked me a meal, but every time he drops by our place I'm feeding the guy! Sam is as smart as he is funny and hard-working. With how resourceful and quick thinking he is, I know he has many continued successes ahead in both his career and in life.

Ray Sproull - Groomsman

Ray, Tracy's brother and world traveler, will be a fun happy addition to the groom's party. For the ladies: Ray is single and loves long walks on the beach, binge watching t.v. shows, and is a huge fan of smart women. If you need to find Ray, just talk about the Green Bay Packers or just look for the guy who will probably always have a huge grin on his face during the ceremony. I'm happy to know that I will gain a brother in law that is an all around great person.